Riveted — Kenton Nelson

The picture below will be me tomorrow! I’m excited to head for the beach with my book. The weather is getting tolerable and dropping into the 90’s. Okay, so tomorrow will be 99. Courtesy of Weather.com

Day Oct 6 99°F

I’m reading ‘Perfume’, by Patrick Suskind. It’s about a French man with an insane sense of smell. I borrowed it from my Athenian friend whose husband is French and works as a French pastry chef. She loves perfumes. Special, unique designer ones. Not Chanel or Dior, but equally expensive. People that are ‘the nose’ need chemistry degrees and get paid handsomely to design scents.

It is just the beginning of the book and I’m really digging the storytelling and style. Lately I’ve been reading books that my middle school students like, to you know, stay hip. I just finished the Divergent series, ‘Maze Runner’ and ‘City of Bones.’

I don’t care if it’s still really hot outside! It’s no longer 120 degrees and I don’t work tomorrow. Bringing a book to the beach is one of my favorite Dubai activities.



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