3 hour Naps

The beginning of the school year is the most exhausting.

Or when grade reports are due. Also parent-teacher conferences and the end of the year. For now, it’s the beginning and we are getting back into the swing of things. I am coming home and dropping like lead into bed for long 3 hour naps.

Also, I’ve been sick. For over a month now. Ginger got a bad cold the last couple of days of our cruise. it hit me on the last day of my vacation. The last day in Rome I had trouble dragging myself out of bed. It was some kind of terrible sinus infection that hurts your face and causes headaches. So I came back to Dubai, holed up, wrote  lot of posts while drinking lots of tea, and slept. Most everybody was still in the USA for the summer so I didn’t mind staying home so much.

Finally, I had a bit more energy. I went jogging a couple times around a newly discovered park. Living in the desert, green space is something I miss the most and the Al Barsha pond park is a welcome haven. I have never been good at endurance exercise and have ambitions to train for a half-marathon and triathlons. I work better with a clear goal.

I joined a group, triDubai that hosts FREE(!) weekly runs, swims and bikes. I was very proud to go the whole 2.5 km once around the Al Barsha pond without stopping. The 2nd lap I had to run and walk. I still had a little cold, but was feeling good.

So I decided to go out for a happy hour with a couple of teachers who had returned to town. The bars here do not ban smoking. It’s frankly disgusting. Your eyes burn, your hair and clothes stink and I swear it gave me bronchitis.

The day after going out, I slept about 14 hours. The next day more sleeping. My throat swelled up and I got a bad chest cold. A week later my chest felt tight, my lungs were sore to take a deep breath, I felt so tired all the time and decided to bring myself to the doctor. The office, is of course, at the mall, which is one of the main centers of Emirati life.

The doctor ordered an x-ray of my lungs and confirmed the bronchitis. He took a blood test too. He had me breath through a nebulizer for about a half hour. it made me dizzy and I napped while waiting for the blood test results. They showed nothing unusual and I was sent home with nasal spray, antibiotics and cough syrup.

I have been sleeping mostly propped up since August 1st, and it’s starting to take a toll on my neck. I am still feeling some pain when I breath and it’s driving me nuts. I came back to Dubai determined to train for run and since the bad chest pain started, I haven’t been back to the park. I continue to feel more tired than I think I should.

Today I woke up with a sore throat. I’m praying that my throat is sore because at the beginning of the year I talk a lot more. I tell the kids about myself, explain policies and procedures and answer more questions in 1 week than I have to answer in the entire 2 months of vacation.

So I came home today and I napped for more than three hours. I woke up with a start, for a split second thinking I had overslept my morning alarm. I try not to feel bad about ‘being lazy’ because I need to get better. I want to go back to the park. First, I might have to go back to the mall and see the doctor again.


Al Barsha Pond Park: fountains, palm trees, grass and city skyline


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