When a weekend turns into 5 days

People like to denigrate hipsters, but lets get real. Hipster neighborhoods have good cafes, good restaurants, good music stores, good galleries, good clothing stores and interesting street art. Google hipster neighborhood when traveling and you are bound to find something more unique and usually less touristy. In Hamburg, one of the trendier spots is Schanzenviertel , affectionately called Schanz and close to St. Pauli.

I had read some restaurant review that talked about Fritz cola, and it was being advertised everywhere in the Schanz. Fritz cola boxes even decorated some of the shops.

It was a nice cola. Ginger thought it basically tasted like coca-cola, which as she pointed out, is a kind of accomplishment, to get so close to the recipe. I got my fritz-cola in the picture below.


We stayed well past the weekend, because we were feeling so homey and relaxed in Hamburg, with its Portland-esque weather and aforementioned friendliness. Our only snag was not successfully renting bikes even though it seemed everyone had one. We felt like Pee-Wee in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

I so totally want to go back someday!



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