Where to Next?

I’m now safely back in Dubai…clearly I’m not good at this while traveling.

But, back in July…Our Croatian landlords were not too happy we were leaving, and they had our passports. It felt a bit tense, because they were living right below us.

We first decided on a Croatian island tour. These, like Croatia, seem to be very popular. We soon realized that for the same price, we could go on a Mediterranean cruise, on a big boat, and not eat anymore bad Croatian food.

Cruise booked on Norwegian Epic, excitement on the rise, we began looking at all the flight options for the other two weeks. We have to thank Lufthansa and Easyjet, because we couldn’t get out of Croatia without doing a super long layover in Germany.

Germany vs. Argentina was happening in the World Cup. Easyjet had a straight flight to Hamburg and their last TRAVELLER mag was about Hamburg. We booked a one way to this super northern city, with our only plan being to watch the game. And eat a Hamburger.


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