Best of Bol

bike brac

There were absolutely great beaches in Bol. They are surrounded by pretty pine trees and lots of lovely smelling lavender. Our apartment had a fantastic view and was perfect for the ten days we stayed.

There was a lot of time spent lounging at Zlatni Rat, or the Golden Cape/Golden Horn, soaking up the sun and swimming in the refreshingly cold, super clear water. The water was a nice change for both us, coming from hot, muggy places, with warm gulf/ocean waters.  I also decided I really liked the pebbly beach. You come home without carrying sand everywhere and they are surprisingly comfortable to lay on- it’s like a free hot stone massage.

About 6 kilometers from Bol is Murvica. The biggest decision of the day was always whether to go to the big beach, Zlatni Rat, or the little beach in Murvica. The best decision we made in Croatia was to rent bikes to get to the beach. Zlatni Rat is very busy and great for people watching while Murvica is much quieter and you had to hike down a steep hill to a nice small cove.

At the top of the hill in Murvica was a beach shack with snacks. The best meal we had on Bol, which is not saying too much, was at the fish shack. The Croatian version of fish and chips is lightly breaded sardines and it is hard to go wrong with fries.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves, but Bol was too tiny. The center of of Bol had nothing but tourist shops and cafes, with bad food. There was not a real, local feel. I think we could have stayed in Bol if our little place had a good kitchen and a place to relax inside. It was not the right place for an extended stay. When we walked into the apartment, we knew immediately we would have to leave early.

This is when vacation planning…which was supposed to be over…started spiraling out of control.


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