Don’t take the port taxi at Split, Croatia

Oh Croatia! Everyone loves you! Like everyone hates Naples. It might be our fault for picking Bol. Yes, your water is very blue and very clear and the beaches are incredibly beautiful. Unfortunately, most of your meals are terrible, things are overpriced and there is a lot of attitude. People were either incredibly nice or not at all, hot and cold, no medium. Split taxis didn’t make a good first impression. The guy tried to scam us for driving a couple blocks, said we were a big problem and threatened to call the police.

Some of my favorite quotes, which we have turned into running jokes:

  • on their restaurant’s boxed pasta: “Italy— (rolls eyes) baaaah. My pasta will make you forget Italy”.
  • on way over-priced beer: “Do you know how much this beer would cost in Paris or Berlin”
  • on the population: “Croatians are mostly very tall and very good-looking”
  • on the taxi: “Norwegians don’t complain about the price. They don’t even ask”
  • on the laundry: “She did the laundry and there were whites and blacks, it was four loads, so…..fifty Euros”……”Yes this is reasonable”
  • on travel: “In five years, Croatia will be the number one travel destination in Europe”
  •  on getting a hotel room: “Talk to the man with the purse”
  • on the music fest coming to town “I will be charging 200 Euros a night”

So now as we are traveling….we find ourselves saying things like “the Germans are mostly very tall and very good looking”…”Do you know how much this pizza would cost in Hamburg”…”Talk to the man with the (fill in the blank)_________________…”The richest people don’t even ask the price”.

I see a theme in the quotes. We thought they were over valuing their product.



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