I’m dreadfully behind, and just to catch people up, we are now in Lisbon, Portugal. More on how we got to Portugal soon!

First, from Naples we took a detour down part of the Amalfi coast.

italian coast

The thin coastal road might be the windiest I have ever been on. The cliffs plunge towards the sea and are spotted with lovely little towns. Soon we had to get back on the bigger highway, for many, many hours, to make it to the Tuscan villa where Ginger’s friend was staying with her mom and aunt.

They kindly welcomed us into an absolutely beautiful home. We arrived just as a big rain storm hit, full of thunder and lightning. I miss this kind of weather living in Dubai, and the timing was perfect. We were tucked warmly inside and had fresh lasagna, olives and our cheese, with some wine, while the storm banged on outside. The dessert was tiramisu. All of the food had been delivered, like room service.

The next day we went to two well-preserved medieval towns, and winery, where the woman kindly gave us a tasting, for free, even though they were closed. The first town had a funicular to bring us there from it’s modern-day base. We stopped at a terrace cafe for a view and our table had an extra guest, a pet turtle. There were shops with leather goods, gelato, fried-salty bread sticks, a nail museum, an artist’s workshop and calm cobblestone alleyways.

We ended the evening watching the world cup and eating pizza in the second medieval town. After two nights, we had to drive back to Rome to fly to Croatia, where we were supposed to stay put for the month…




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