Love, Pray, Eat

I feel a little bit like I am having my own Julia Roberts-Elizabeth Gilbert- esque journey this year. This is because I went to Bali for Spring break and met the real Ketut Lyer. That poor (rich) old man is being pimped out by his son/son-in-law and says the exact same thing to every person. Exact. I felt bad for him, having to sit on the porch all day, losing track of what he says. He is not the same person Gilbert describes, but people pour in to to have their palm read. I did it too. I didn’t know the game until it was over. So I waited in line, while a little girl drew us pictures. Still, I Loved Bali! So calm and beautiful. The green folded rice patties. Millions of altars. I could have like to stay much much longer.

After my last post, I found out that my grandmother had passed away the previous day. She was a warm, smiling person. My mom once told me that since I had moved, my grandma would put her finger on Dubai’s spot of the globe, and say a prayer for me. That is the Prayer part and I thank her for that.

Tomorrow I begin my Roman holiday, the Eating part, and meet Ginger. I am looking forward to eating real Italian pasta, real Italian pizza and drinking real Italian wine. I will also get to meet Ginger’s real Italian friends and throw a coin in the Trevi fountain to come back. It has worked so far! In preparation, I went with a few co-workers to lunch at Carlucci’s in the Dubai marina, after work fully wrapped up for the summer. Relaxing weekday lunches are luxurious . I pretend I’m one of the ladies who lunches. A Jumierah Jane or Mirdiff Mary.

I’m super excited for the road trip part of the adventure. Ginger has promised a yellow fiat.


4 thoughts on “Love, Pray, Eat

  1. Hello Capital Dee how are you doing. It took me awhile to find your post cause Google put in my social mail. That fits since I see you are socialdee now. Have a great summer , keep writing it its a way for us to stay connected. Hope you found the perfect pasta Are you in Croatia now
    love dad and mom


  2. Bali sounds wonderful and you are looking for the perfect past in Italy, Let me know what the pizza is like you know how I love a great pIzza.
    Remember Portland
    love dad and mom


  3. I do remember the Portland pizza. The pizza in Italy was amazing! Naples pizza was the best. Then we had a couple pizzas in Croatia so I am on a pizza-break.


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