I’m back

Four score and six years ago…I started a blog. Thinking myself quite clever, I called it Seoul Searching, since I had moved to Korea for one year to teach English.

The last time I blogged, it was about my bike trip through Vietnam, with my “travel wife” Ginger, whom I met in Korea. She also happened to spend a summer in New York, when I was there to see my favorite band in Central Park in 2003. We crossed paths again in Bend, Oregon- another concert, another band. I used to go to happy hour with my friend Alex at the Rose and Thistle, a Scottish Pub in Portland, Oregon, when Ginger was a waitress there. This was all before we actually met at ‘school bar’ on my first night in Seoul, and became friends on a Christmas hike where Korean people tricked me into drinking an alcoholic rice wine called ‘moccoli’. I thought it was soup- silly me- because it was served in a bowl, looked thick and creamy, and it was only ten in the morning.

When my stint in Korea was over- I went  back to PDX, got married, got widowed, got a masters of Education and a license to teach- then moved to Dubai, a super tiny gulf coast country, on the Saudi Arabian peninsula, but existing in an entirely other universe, from that of it’s huge neighbor-Saudi Arabia.

I thought about blogging last year, but was so caught up in my first year of teaching, it seemed impossible. When I decided I wasn’t going to the U.S. this summer, I also decided it would be a good time to blog.

Since moving here I have been to Thailand, Iceland and Norway with Ginger. Czech Republic, Hungary, and Croatia with my friend Katherine. Greece solo. And most recently, Indonesia with a bunch of teachers.

This summer Ginger and I are meeting in Italy on our way to Croatia, where we have rented a beach house for July. I will MISS YOU ALL very much, but am happy technology helps us keep in touch!


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