Vietnamgonna Ride The Whole Way

Ginger and Ieave November 21st for our bike trip down the coast and started training last weekend.

Last Saturday was our first long ride since summer. When we started towards Gangnam for a burrito lunch there was a light Portland-esque misty rain. After riding a couple hours we turned off the river path into the city, just as rain started falling hard.

We passed a Hyundai Department store advertising its luxury goods and could tell that we were in a chic neighborhood. Soaking wet by now we stopped for coffee to warm up. The cafe was super cute and the ladies working there were quite nice about us sitting on their chairs, muddy and wet.

We learned we had made it to Apujeong, which is the most posh part of Seoul, with its own “Rodeo Drive.” It also borders Gangnam so happily we were close.

We got to the burritos after riding down streets with fancy cars and fancily dressed people shopping at European looking shops and eating European restaurants. Upon arriving Ginger said “My feet are frozen” and I responded “My ass is frozen”.

I went to the bathroom and literally ice had formed on the back of my legs, a lot of ice. After eating it looked like the rain was over but it began down pouring so hard we couldn’t see five feet in front of us so we parked the bikes and too a bus the last twenty minutes.

M We then rode every day of the week except Thursday, and Saturday headed out early for another long ride. This time our goal was to go to the War Museum on the outskirts of Itaewon. It was a beautiful, sunny fall day.

The Museum covered the history of war in Korea, even back to 300 CE when 3 Korean kingdoms were fighting for domination, through multiple Japanese invasions, skirmishes with China and later the US.

South Korea is also celebrating 60 years of the Republic of Korea, which figured largely into the Museum. It was interesting, albeit a sad exhibit. It was cool to ride to a destination where we learned something new.

CIMG2031 by you.

It’s really hitting me how fast this year went. In the past month our neighborhood has changed dramatically with all the foreigners changing. For the first seven or eight months most of the same people were here, but since late summer it seems every weekend has had a goodbye dinner-a couple- and ours is next.

CIMG2045 by you.


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