Crappy pants…or English is funny

So I went to a cool, traditional performing arts festival last weekend- but am going to wait to write about it until my internet at home is up and running again. And I’m feeling a bit crappy pants about it- as the guy never showed up this week…

Anyways- Last weekend I hung out with Yosefina- I don’t remember what we were talking about at the time, but she said “cranky pants” and I said I liked the sound of it as I’m used to “crabby pants” in the Midwest.

She related to me about having a similiar conversation in the States- but when she told me, she said one friend said “cranky pants” and the other “crappy pants”.

When she said “crappy pants” I cracked up, couldn’t help it, it just sounded so funny. I explained that crappy pants sounds like someone pooped in their pants…and the slang is really “crabby pants”. P and B are very close phonetically so it’s an easy mistake to make.

Then Yosefina asked something like ‘Don’t people say “I feel crappy today” ‘

Yes they do…we also say:

“I feel crabby”

“I feel cranky”

But “crabby” is a more polite word for “shitty”. So even though we say “I feel- cranky or crabby or crappy”- we don’t say “crappy pants”.

This led to a conversation about the slang/swear word “Shit”.

I wrote down some of the different ways people use it nowadays for educational purposes-

Firstly “Shit” is an impolite way to talk about pooping, which in itself is not usually considered polite conversation.

That’s the shit! or That shit is off the hook = That’s cool or That thing is awesome

I have a lot of shit= I have a lot of stuff

I am in deep shit= I am in trouble

Shit! = Shoot! (but really…shoot is just a substitute for shit and wouldn’t mean anything without the swear word)

That stuff is shit= that stuff is low quality

Talking shit= talking trash-sayong negative things about someone else

Shoot the shit = have a conversation

So that’s to say “Shit is complicated”, which is to say the word itself is complicated. Of course “Shit is complicated” also means “Life/ Things are Complicated”.

The conversation made me think about shit (meaning stuff) like language and how I took all those meanings of the word for granted- it’s a very contexual word. To quote the Wikipedia:

“Shit is one of the most- if not the most- functionally diverse words in the english language, and is also one of the most frequently used nouns.”


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