Summer Vacation?

So the kids are on summer vacation. This should mean long, hazy days playing in the sun-but for most Korean children it means more time at the Hogwan.

My hogwan, Reading Town, has students Mon-Fri from 11am-12:30. I have been teaching a speaking class Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the Korean teachers do a grammar class Tuesday and Thursday. I have 13 kids in my class and they are a lot of fun. It’s a nice break from the typical Reading Town material. We do a lot of dialogues and presentations-I must admit I get a bit of sadistic pleasure out of watching them squirm uncomfortably in front of their classmates.

One of the lessons was about “Your Schedule”- learning words like sometimes, usually, always, before after-things like that. I asked each of the kids to tell me their schedule and most of them were going to 4-5 hogwans per a day.

They come to Reading Town 10-12:30, then go to math, science, Korean, and then something like piano, art, taekwondo or baduk (a game that is supposed to be good for your brain-like chess). In the evening, some of them come back to Reading Town, for their regular classes.

Anyways, they have one month off for vacation, but really get very little free time. I get paid some extra for teaching the summer intensive classes-but will be happy when they are finished-it’s really quite tiring. I have 8 classes on M, W and F and by the end of the week, I am losing my voice from talking so much!


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