Teachers Cut Loose


Reading Town teachers at Moon Blues bar in Guri, watching our co-worker play music. He plays every Wednesday at this bar- I go once or twice a month.

This time some of our Korean co-teachers came. Above is Ann, Alice me and Adam-a Canadian hockey player.

Here is Californian Matt with the red hair and Illionois Alex in the middle, joining in to sing-they are both Reading Town teachers too. Johanne on bass is from South Africa, Greg from New Foundland Canada is on the drums.













Me and James – a Korean American Californian and Alex-a country kid from the cornfields of Illinois:

Australian Joel and Vie from Boston-who has to be one of the most hilarious people on the planet…


Joseph-who just likes to kick it with us-his mom directs Johanne’s school and Ezra-Canuck who works at Avalon and has the same boss as me: 

Erin-recently out of the American military and teaching now, and Mya-another Canadian and Johanne having a discussion:

The instruments get switched up:


Matt eating with Mr. Kim, bar owner’s good friend, and Candace who is from Guri:


Johanne, Alex, Matt and Neil-Canadian and hockey lover:


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