Charger-Chiropractor and A Typhoon

July 14 and 15th I spent at Mudfest-a huge celebration, especially popular with foriegners. It’s at Daechon beach, a pretty little town with boardwalk seafood restaurants and lots of rental intertubes. I swear I have been hearing about Mudfest since I got here so I had to check it out. 

The Mud is supposedly very beneficial for your skin and health. There was a lot of painting it on each other and Korean “paparazzi” running around with giant cameras snapping photos. They set up a mud wrestling station, a big mud slide and a stage with cover bands playing classic rock and traditional performances.

The weekend was awesome but I came back exhausted and was really excited to have a weekend with no plans.

My One weekend plan was to resolve my computer charger issue since on Thursday at the giant mall, Technomart I was told to go to an Apple care center.

Due to a typhoon on Korea’s beaches-there was heavy torrential rains all weekend so it was a good day to be inside and shop for a charger.  Saturday I went to Yongsan Electronic Market, another giant tech mall. At Yongsan I found out the Apple care centers are only open Monday through Friday.

It was also clear the man at Yongsan did not really understand me and it was the first time since I have been here that I felt utterly defeated nd really frustrated by the language barrier.

After Yongsan, I met up with Yosefina who brought me to see her Monk Chiropracter. He looked at my back and said it could use an adjustment.  He was dressed in blue robes and worked in a small room with a shrine-a Buddha statue, some wall tapestries and a place to leave donations or offerings. He worked on my back for a good 45 minutes, which was intense and it is still sore as I write this Wednesday afternoon.

We ate dinner with the Monk and his Monk friend at a typical Korean eatery, with especially fresh, tasty sides. Then Yosefina took me to a computer shop in her neighborhood for help-but they said that Apple is not a common brand so I should go to JRMac center in Seoul-also closed on weekends.

Sunday Yosefina and I went to Coex- a big Apple retail store but Again No Luck!

Monday I had my boss make calls to the Mac stores and centers around town-but she learned I can’t buy a charger at the shops. So even if I spoke Korean it would have been tough!

Well I finally ordered one on-line-the shipping is double the cost of the product but I don’t care at this point and can’t wait for it to get here…


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