So the computer is still out of commission, but here’s an update written from the PCBang:

Below, starting in the back, Matt, Kid, Jay, Maria and Kris-me and Dominic in the front-were on the ferry; Joel Ginger, Cindy and Jess are missing from the photo.

The weekend of July 21 I went to Doekjokdo, this time just with Guri teachers:

In the pic above, Cindy, me, Maria’s back, Dominic, Joel is seated, Chris, Matt and Jay.

Ginger and I camped out in a cheap tent, the zippers broke almost immediately (the company is sending another- surely equally as cheap). We just relaxed on the beach, I read, played some cards and frisbee- we had a fire Saturday night. It was another good weekend out of the hustle and bustle.

Then this weekend, on Saturday I hung out with Yosefina, a Korean friend. She took me to see her traditional Doctor, who is also an acupuncturist–I have been wanting to go for my back and figure a good place to try it out is where its been practised 100’s of years. Anyways, it did make me sore and was quite interesting.

Also I was sore through the next day, but now my back is feeling much better than it has in awhile. The Dr. insisted on not charging me this time because Yosefina goes regularly and he knows her well.

Then Sunday, I was with a handful of teachers in Guri that signed up for a rafting trip.

From left to right, Adam, Matt Peacock, Matt Stone, Maria, Jess and me. On Saturday it rained and when we got up–at 5am–to go it was pouring, two Guri teachers cancelled because of the weather. By the time we reached our destination at 10am the weather was gorgeous, hot and sunny.

I was much less frightened than I thought I would be and would love to try it again sometime–where the rapids are more intense. The river levels have been pretty low this year so parts were slower than normal. We went for about three hours, with a good, long pause in the middle to swim and do some low cliff jumping.

It was just nice to get out of the city into Korea’s green mountains and fresh air. It really is a beautiful country.

After the rafting and some lunch, there was an opportunity to go bungee jumping that I turned down. Maria and Jess both went–the picture below is of Jess.

So anyways I have been well and busy, still finishing up my monthly evals. Hoping to get the computer going soon so I can upload my photos, have music again and call home.


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