Biking and Doekjeokdo-Another three day weekend

Most of Friday was spent riding my relatively new bike with Ginger. We went along the Han River that divides Seoul, ending up at Seoul Forest, a new park. I couldn’t believe how fast we got there! They have a herd of deer and I saw a day-old fawn.

Saturday Ginger and I left early for Deokjeokdo Island, off the West coast. It’s an hour on the bus, another hour and a half on the Subway and then an hour long ferry ride.

Once at the island we headed straight to the beach where some friends were already relaxing, playing volleyball or frisbee and stayed all day. After a week of rain, Saturday turned out beautifully–a little foggy in the mountains, but the beach was warm, sunny, humid and surrounded by green mountains-it made me think of Thailand.

The island had maybe two restaurants, a couple convenient stores and a few “pensions”-which rent rooms of various sizes-without beds or furniture but with sleeping mats and sometimes little kitchens.

Saturday night was spent bonfire hopping, until we landed at the group playing music. Ginger and I are the two holding hands, pumping our fists into the air.

Sunday we headed back to the beach and were throwing a frisbee in the sun when the sky suddenly clouded over and cracked with lighning. A couple minutes later it was pouring and everyone was scooping up their things and running for cover. The rest of the afternoon we played card games until taking a bus to the ferry and heading back. The weather made it easier to be ready to go home, but we are already planning are trip back-this time to camp.


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