Crazy Cow Update

080503 ROK Protest Against US Beef Agreement 05.jpg

Crazy Cow is what Koreans are calling mad cow. Today, Tuesday, one million people are expected to protest the importation of American beef. Most foriegners here think the whole mad cow hysteria is akin to fan death (where in if you sleep with a fan on and closed windows-you will die-check it out:

It does seem that once an idea has taken hold in the collective psyche it is extremely difficult to have a reasonable conversation about it- about fan death or crazy cow.

I asked my students, they all said it was very bad and “kills you slowly”. One  attended a vigil with his family. According to the CDC, since the disease was diagnosed in Britain in 1994, 10-15 people have died there every year there.

Lee Myung Bak is feeling the heat- his entire cabinet have said they will resign and he has sent top officials to negotiate with Washington. I think the uproar has less to do with fears of mad cow and more to do with South Koreans not wanting other countries to dictate their decisions and for their own government to listen to them.

(More on the front page of the New York Times today)


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