Curry Night

This weekend, Yosefina invited me to a Curry Party where she lives in Hongdae. Hongik University is in the neighborhood and there are a lot live music clubs, dance clubs, little handicraft boutiques and tiny-unique cafes.

After hanging out for awhile we went to the “Book Cafe”, filled with books. There were some tables with small burners and ingredients, the one outside on the small deck was for vegetarians. The idea was to give us the ingredients, no recipes, and have everyone make their own curry.

So we started cooking the potatoes and onions, Yosefina was taking the initiative and got us some more vegetables. It was a mix of Koreans and foreigners on the deck, one guy was from Morocco, living here with his Korean wife and I could practice my French. then another of Yosefina’s friends came with her French boyfriend…so the three of us were speaking French, which was nice.

At first, the curry was seriously terrible and we were all trying to figure out how to save it and laughing about how inedible it was-it tasted like dirt and was super gritty-we had put in way to much powder. So we scooped out the vegetables, rinsed out the pot, getting rid of the sauce, except what clinged to the veggies, and added more water. Amazingly the curry turned out after taking out more of the orange water, and adding some other ingredients-it was delicious.

As dinner wound down, the guy from Morocco, his wife and another guy there, started having an impromptu jam session.

The Moroccan and his wife traded off playing didgeridoo and drums, as well as him singing and her ringing a bowl that creates a nice tone and another man played his soprano saxophone. It made me miss playing music a bit, but it sounded good and overall was a chill, relaxing night and I had a nice time.


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