Seoul Museum of Art

Saturday, was rainy and cold and I hadn’t yet been to a museum so it seemed like the perfect kind of day to go. I decided on Seoul Museum of Art becasue it’s centrally located and by 2pm- I had just left Guri. Another plus was that it was near KYOBO bookstore-the largest bookstore in Korea-that also has an English section.

I found my way to the museum pretty easily and am finally learning how the city fits together-so that instead of transferring on the subway to another route, I can walk aboveground the last 10 minutes or so-where the sights are more interesting. The walk leading to the museum was quite pretty- it’s a tree lined street along the Deoksugung palace walls. I took a quick peek inside the palace gates and am anxious to return and check it out.

The museum was showcasing bronze statues by Antoine Bourdelle, and a biannual ‘Emerging Artists’ series. Bourdelle was a student of Auguste Rodin who is famous for making the ‘The Thinker’. It was humbling to walk through the halls filled with giant, solemn bronze statues. I found the four, large heads of Mozart to be the most impressive.

I alternately love modern art, or go away feeling totally cold. I didn’t leave disappointed this time. It was the kind of art that changes you in someway, where the universe is never quite the same, that illuminates its patterns and what it is to be alive. So awesome and creative that my heart was going to burst.

After the museum I made it to KYOBO, which was huge and and a bit disorienting-the large aisles have mirrored ceilings, while the rest has things like artificial stalactite hanging down, which I didn’t like to think about falling on me.

I wrapped up the day at the Jongak Tower, where there is a great Indian restaurant and I had my favorite dish. I then saw ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’- all in all a satisfying day.


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