Oh Thailand- I think I’m in love with you

So I got back from Thailand just in time to go to school on Monday. I was quite tired, even though I slept on the overnight plane, it’s not the same as a good night’s rest at home. It was difficult to adjust to the cold and my skin was freaking out because its been suuuper dry this winter, then got sunburned- even with copious amounts of sunblock.


Thailand was awesome- beautiful- amazing…

We stayed at a great resort, clean nice rooms, a friendly staff, short walk to the beach and it only cost us about $70 for three nights.


Anyways- we stayed in Koh-Chang, an island in North East Thailand- close to Cambodia, that is popular but not overdeveloped. In fact it hosts the country’s largest nature preserve.


We expected more tourists to be out for Lunar New Year and were happily surprised to find the island pretty quiet and calm. It felt especially relaxed compared to the bali-bali (hurry-hurry) atmosphere of Seoul.

There are no high-rise resorts- just cabanas and the road, paved only four years ago, hosts mostly motorbikes and pick-up truck taxis that have seats built into the truck bed.

I got up early to watch the sunrise come up over the palm-tree mountains and spent a good amount of time lying around on the beach. As some of you know I have a phobia of fish so I skipped the snorkeling but was proud of myself for swimming quite a bit, and there is nothing like the buoyant feel of the salty ocean. It was my first time anywhere tropical and the warm water was a definite highlight.


The food was incredible-some of the best ever (mmm…spicy papaya salad, pad-thai, coconut pudding). And meals cost about $1.50 – I didn’t mind the fresh fruit shakes either.


Other highlights included renting motorbikes to a waterfall in the National Park, riding and swimming with the elephants- including a baby- (even though there were lots of minnows) night time fire dancers on the beach and the leisurely pace of life.


My only complaint is it was over too fast…



One thought on “Oh Thailand- I think I’m in love with you

  1. This is Sara RRRRRRRRRrrrr–and I want more information on the fruit, damnit! It’s like 4 degrees here and nothing is in season. I need to live vicariously through you.

    Have fun!!


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