Over the past weekend on Saturday, Ginger and I went to the “63 building” by the Han river in Seoul. It’s called that because it’s got 63 floors- it’s a tourist spot and popular with the Koreans; there’s an aquarium, restaurants, OMNI Max theater and more.

On our way to the building, walking along the river, we spotted swan shaped paddle boats that we are both excited to check out in the warmer weather.

We also saw a snowman-we’re holding a sparkler that doesn’t photograph well: cimg0166.jpg

As you approach the building you can see the elevator, on the outside of the building going up-up-up. It’s not flush with the wall, it sticks out and makes it seem more like a ride. We bought a ticket to the top.

Ginger said she was sweating before we got in and I didn’t feel afraid at all but as it kept going up-up-up and up-further up and more up and shook a little I have to say it was a bit scary.

We spent a good amount of time up there checking out the awesome views of giant Seoul. There is a corner where it’d built so you can look right through down to the ground- Ginger didn’t walk on it with me. I got a little freaked when some kids started jumping and stomping over the clear floor.

There was a Korean rap performance going on and they had this tunnel where the wall looked like glittering stars- I couldn’t get a picture of it but it’s a cute pic of Ginger:


And here’s me at the end of the star tunnel:


Today is my birthday, the start of Lunar New Year and me and 5 teachers are headed to Thailand. We arrive in Bangkok and then go straight to the white, sandy, tropical beaches of Koh-Chang.

I’m super excited!

“Sae-bo-mani-padu-usoyo!” is literally Good luck in the New Year!


2 thoughts on ““Sae-bo-mani-padu-usoyo!”

  1. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY RACH!!!!
    I hope you have fun in Thailand. I’m looking forward to reading about it.
    I’m SO happy to read that all is well 🙂
    Love ya!


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