First real weeks of teaching

I got off easy the first couple weeks here as I was only assigned to four 40 minute classes a day. Plus we had short weeks due to Christmas and then New Years- last week and this week are a full 5 days and I have 6 or 7 classes a day. And some of the classes I was teaching in December have added a few students.

The extra time in class doesn’t seem like too much more but it means 30 more quizzes to grade, 30 more book reports to read and 30 more student evaluations to write per a month.

But I can’t complain too much- because Korean kids do an incredible amount of work. We teach from 1-9 because we work at a hogwan- a private school, which is where the kids go after a full day at public school. They are probably also going to a math, science or other academic hogwan, and a music or a martial arts program. Our youngest kids are kindergarten age and probably go home around 4pm but the older kids are in school from 8am-10 or 11 at night. Some of them go to school on Saturday and I am supposed to assign a lot of homework to keep the parents happy.

I think I’m doing pretty well but could still perfect my timing- sometimes I finish the lesson to early and then the next time I over compensate and am running short on time.

It’s also hard when the classes get to be much over 10 kids (I don’t know how teachers in the U.S. deal with 30+ kids). I assign work to do while I check homework, which I have to check while in class and it’s hard when there are 15 kindegarteners because they start getting very rambunctious if they finish their work before I’m done checking homework.

My kids are all pretty good too- but I do have one class where I feel like I need to be more strict and hand out a few detentions because they’re slipping and starting to get out of control. It’s much different to be on the teaching side!


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