I went to the Insadong neighborhood over the weekend to seek out a Korean vegetarian restaurant that I had read would accommodate one person (a lot of the food is served ‘family style’ and requires a few people).

Insadong is known for attempting to retain an old-world facade in the bali-bali (hurry-hurry) city of skyscrapers.That means less neon, tinier streets, wooden doors and low buildings with tiled roofs and more charm. There are many antique shops and art galleries as well as souvenir shops with pushy sales people.

I found the restaraunt, So Sim to be cozy and relaxed- I tucked my self into a cushioned wooden both with a low ceiling and ordered “vegetarian dish”. I didn’t have to long to wait before the waitress started brought out a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup ad five little side dishes. But that wasn’t the end- 6 more little side dishes came and overwhelmed the table.

cimg0099.jpg I do love appetizers and side dishes are an important part of any Korean meal but I was not expecting so many! It was delicately flavored, delicious and super fresh- plus it was the first time I had seen brown rice.


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