At the movies

So I decided to go see a movie by myself. I brought a flyer that listed the times and films to be able to point to what I wanted. The ticket man and I were both struggling as I kept pointing to the movie I wanted to see and the time- I thought he was saying that I couldn’t get a ticket, when he looked at his co-worker, trying to think of a word then asked me “Today…today?!”. I said yes- today, now and he smiled, looking relieved- we were both very happy to have finally figured it out and to have communicated.

I got some popcorn and took the elevator seven floors up- the previews had already started-I took an aisle seat and sat back to enjoy, “The Golden Compass”.

About 5 minutes later a Korean family entered the theatre and started talking to me and pointing at their tickets; the father took out his cellphone and used the light to show me his ticket, while he pointed at the seat, gesturing- wherein I realized there must be assigned seats. As I was getting up and scooping up my belongings I spilled popcorn on the Korean couple ahead of me, who gasped and turned around, so anyone who hadn’t already noticed me sitting in the wrong seat was now definitely looking.

I left the theatre and tried to ask the usher where my seat was as I had no idea…he then walked me to my seat where I had to crawl past like 6 people and squish between a couple. The whole experience was pretty awkward but I’m sure I will manage better next time.

By the way- the movie was at midnight and there was another showing afterwards- things just do not close here.


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