skiing, Vietmanese, Italian

So I went with some other foreign teachers in the neighborhood to a ski trip this weekend. I didn’t know what to expect and was, honestly, a little let down that there are not true-snow capped mountains in South Korea- you have to go to North Korea for that. So all the snow is artificial…and I chickened out on trying to ski…my tailbone is still super sore from slipping on the ice back in Minnesota. It was still very pretty and the air was the freshest since getting to Seoul, where I can definitely tell my throat gets a bit irritated from the pollution.

Our school directors took us out to a Vietmanese restaurant to say goodbye to one of the teachers, and it was delicious! They served spicy, noodle soup and giant plates of shredded, raw vegetables- carrots, beets, all sorts of greens, broccoli, radishes and cabbage. There are big bowls of hot water and plates of round, dry rice paper; you dip the rice paper into the water so it becomes soft and you can make a wrap. It comes with a really good, slightly spicy red sauce and peanut sauce. It was also served with plates of easy-to-avoid- rolled up raw beef that patrons cook themselves on the table’s built in grill.  

On Sunday I decided to go to Itaewon, the ‘foreigner’s district’ in Seoul where a lot of the US Army hangs out, because I wanted to seek out a more vegetarian-friendly restaurant. I was going to go to by myself but on the Subway ran into a couple people from the Guri neighborhood and I convinced them to come to Itaewon. We found a good Italian restaurant, with prices close to American restaurants- on average korean food costs only $2-6, for large portions. So it was a bit more money- but worth it…  



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