Bibimbop Bibimbop Bibimbop

I can’t be too picky about the food. I have taken beef out of my rice, seafood out of my soup, and pushed pork off my tofu…but that being said there is always Bibimbop.

Bibimbop is a vegetarian dish with rice, seaweed, radishes, carrots, ferns (good for your health they say) and a fried egg on top. It comes with a kind of thick red sauce that varies from mild to burn-your-lips-off spicy. All us teachers get to school at least an hour before the first class- at 2:30 pm- and the pattern is to order lunch together. The first day I had bibimbop for lunch and loved it! Then I had it for dinner, and lunch the next day and needed something new. 

I ordered a spicy red soup with tofu, that also has 3 shellfish in it, and the next day had bibimbop again. I have no idea how many times I have had bibimbop now- but it was my dinner again today. We ordered chinese for lunch and- mine was two dishes: noodles in a mild, semi-sweet dark brown sauce- and noodles in spicy red sauce. There was some thin white strips on top streaked with purple, which I thought could be a vegetable, but turned out to be squid and I just moved them to the side.

I can’t read the menu yet exactly and while the word for vegetarian exists- it’s so uncommon that they will just hide the meat in your dish sometimes! It will be much easier to get some variety once I have a stove and can cook at home!


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