Street names are not used here- instead areas are named, buildings are numbered and people navigate using landmarks. I live in building #25 but the building next door is #13. I was told the buildings are numbered not in geographical but chronicological order- so they receive a number when they’re built…13 was built, then 14 and so on.

The other morning I went to the 24 hour ‘mini stop’ for some toilet paper, baught a small bottle of grape juice and got a surprise when I slurped up a whole grape. Looking inside I saw the juice was full of green grapes; some of you may know that I can be picky about food textures and I drank it but plan on avoiding that bottle in the future.

Then on my way home I wandered into building #25- identical to mine in everyway except the design pattern on the door. I had wrongly assumed my number would be unique to the area and when I finally found my place- I realized it was just around the corner from the other #25.

The teacher that I’m replacing has been walking with me to school and he takes the scenic route through the town’s market. I want to take pictures of everything and promise to get a camera as soon as possible.

It’s row upon row of glassy eyed fish, steaming food stalls hawking fried sticks of mystery meat, bowls of persimmones, piles of paperthin, dark green seaweed, racks of clothes, and innumerable neon flashing signs lining the narrow streets- fit for pedestrians and motor bikes, with the occasional car squeezing through.


2 thoughts on “#25

  1. Hey Rachael,

    Good idea on the blog/journal thing.

    Yeah, I’ve had the textured floaty drink things. I don’t like them either, reminds me of half digested food. Is it a drink? Is it meal? Ay ay ay, atleast the diet there consists of more variety than in Venezuela. Arapas and empanadas….

    How’s access to nature there? Are you in an urban metropolis or within a distance of some of the mountains etc?


  2. Persimmons!? And I bet they’re fresher there than they are here! You should be a fruitarian and just eat persimmons all day!!! That is so exciting. I just discovered them this year and am going broke eating them all while they’re in season.

    I personally want to travel the world just to taste all the different fresh fruit. Not to see weird houses and weird customs. It’s all about the fruit. I’m glad Korea has some good stuff (minus weird floaty things and meat).


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