HI All

So it has been a little under a week here and I’m feeling really positive about my situation. Tuesday I was already at school, shadowing the teacher I’m going to replace and getting to know the system. 

The company, Reading Town, has very well-organized curriculum-  and I will start teaching this Monday- I’m a bit nervous, but the kids really know the drill- there is a set way to do class so it should be pretty easy for me to step in and take over. Also, the kids know they are not supposed to use korean in class and the Reading Town system eliminates the need to do so.

I have also heard from other teachers that our boss is very fair and takes care of things- if you need help. Unfortunately, some teachers at other schools in the neighborhood have broken their contracts because of shady hogwan behavior. Hogwan basically means private school; there has been an explosion of english hogwans in the past 5 years and for now, it’s a trend that continues to grow.  My biggest concern was finding a good school and those worries have been out to rest.

More Later…


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